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The bonuses offered by the online bookmaker may not be the most important factor in assessing its quality, but it is one of the main criteria that players take into account when choosing a new platform. Sportsbook introductory promotions can be divided into two categories: large bonuses with difficult conditions and smaller bonuses that are easy to receive. BET sign-up bonus belongs to the second. New players can get a 100% refund of their first bet up to €40. This means that whether or not your first bet in this bookmaker wins, you will not lose a cent. You do not need to log in or enter a special BET bonus code to participate in the promotion, it will take effect once you have created an account, verified your identity and made the first deposit of at least €10.

BET online betting review with instructions

Of course, advantageous offers are a pleasant thing, but it is the betting function that beats the heart of every bookmaker because this is where players spend the most time. How are BET’s online betting options comparable to competitors’ offers and how exactly should they be made?

In this review, we’ll look at how easy it is to place a bet on Dave Berten’s next NBA match. The first step is to open the “Sports” section from the main menu in the upper right corner of the website. BET uses a customizable sports menu. Such a system is very convenient to use on its own because only sports events from the leagues selected by the user are displayed, however, the first time you use it, you have to work with the menu a bit to adjust it.

As part of this guide, we are interested in the NBA match, so let’s open the “Basketball” section. The basketball category is further subdivided by region and league, so we choose the North American region. From the list of North American leagues and championships, we choose the NBA and are looking for the nearest Washington Wizards game. To open the bet card, click on the square with the name of the game.

The offered bets are arranged in the categories: “All”, “Primary”, “Match Handicaps”, “Odds” and “Team Odds”. In the section “Primary” we can get acquainted with the odds of standard bets, in which the winner of the match is predicted. “Match Handicap” offers the opportunity to predict the winner with a certain advantage of points.

In the category “Odds” it is possible to predict whether the two teams together will succeed in exceeding a certain point. The “Team Odds” category, on the other hand, offers a bet on whether one of the teams will succeed in exceeding a certain number of points. To open the bet card and make a prediction, click on one of the odds and enter the amount in the appropriate window.

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