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Virtual sports are popular because they offer fans the opportunity to participate in the game instead of watching it from the sidelines. Not all virtual sports events are played alike. Sometimes the winner is determined by a fan vote, but more often the outcome of the game depends on several factors and can be followed in a digital live broadcast with real commentators.

Virtual sports are quite popular. Our hockey team even won the International Ice Hockey Federation’s (IHF) Virtual World Hockey Championship, where the winners were voted on. This is not surprising, have always stood out with high voting abilities. The most popular bookmakers offered the opportunity to place bets on this tournament.

Other forms of virtual sports do not rely on fan votes but on a random number generator. For example, in virtual hockey leagues, team leaders make strategic decisions when selecting and training new players. By successfully performing these actions, their teams cultivate values for various parameters, such as defense, attacks, and more. In order to make the game more interesting for the spectators and not always only the team with the highest scores wins, the results of the game also affect the RNG, which can cause unexpected surprises.

Most Popular Online Betting Options
Not surprisingly, the most popular betting option is to predict the winner. It allows you to predict the winner of a match or bet money on a draw. With only three possible outcomes, this betting option offers a reasonable chance of winning and is suitable for new players and those who want a more capacious and secure way to grow their capital.

Another popular bet is the double option, which allows you to bet on two of the three possible outcomes. For example, you can bet on a home victory, or a draw, basically predicting that the match will not end with an away victory. This type of bet is more secure than predicting the winner, but the payout is lower. Much higher winnings will be paid out if you can accurately predict the outcome of the game. A good chance for such a bet is to predict the outcome of a game if one of the teams is playing a strong defensive game and in most cases its wins are small.

Handicap bets give the most experienced players a great opportunity to control their chances of winning. If two teams meet on the court, one of which is a clear favorite, placing your bet on its victory, your expected win will be negligible, but you can increase it by making a handicap bet. For example, you can place a bet by knowing that the favorites will win by at least two goals. Another factor to consider when calculating your potential winnings is the bookmaker’s math. In order to make a profit, bookmakers create odds that guarantee them a profit of less than 5%. This means that if you bet €100 on both teams, you will lose €5. However, this is not a reason why players who place their bets skillfully enough will not be able to win in the long run.

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