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Customizable sporting event menus don’t make much sense if they don’t find your favorite sport, do they? Fortunately, BET offers a wide range of sports with more than 50 different sports and other events. The events of each sport are divided into regions and, more precisely, leagues and cups. The most popular sport is hockey and it is also widely represented. Not surprisingly, the most offered league and region is the sports king of football. Football matches are organized by region, with most regions having multiple leagues, both high and low.

The offer of hockey bets is also quite interesting. In the NHL Specials category, you can predict how high the superstar Alexander Ovechkin will be on the list of the most accurate snipers of all time. It is also possible to place bets on non-sporting events, such as predicting election results. You’ll also find a good bet if you prefer to follow reality prize shows instead of politics.

BET puts a lot of emphasis on events in the world of eSports, which have a special category in the main menu of the site. It is possible to place bets on Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Rocket League and StarCraft. There is also a category for virtual sports events, where you can predict the results of virtual football matches and virtual horse races.

A highly optimized mobile site is easy to use
The ability to place bets anywhere and anytime has become a self-evident feature of online betting for some time. Sports betting mobile sites must offer the same functionality as the major versions. It goes without saying that running a website using the smallest screen on your smartphone won’t be as convenient as placing bets on a desktop computer, but it shouldn’t be too cumbersome. We will look at how it has yielded BET sports betting.

Like most other bookmakers, this bookmaker uses a site that is optimized for use on mobile devices, rather than a specially designed application. This means that you will be able to access it directly from your mobile device’s web browser without having to download and install the application.

The mobile version has the same category breakdown and menus as the large version. If you’ve previously accessed the site from your computer using the mobile version, you’ll know where to look for the features you need. One of the differences with the large version is that the individual buttons have become proportionally larger to make them easier to press on a smaller screen. The mobile version also has live schedules, which we told you about in the previous section.

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