Boxing betting odds are always based on probability estimates made by betting companies. However, boxing is an interesting sport in that the starting points of a match can change at lightning speed during a match if, for example, one of the underdogs hits a weak spot with a single hit. It is therefore a rather exceptional object of betting when compared to, for example, football or any other team sport. Or for a little calmer individual sports like biathlon.

It is for this reason that a bettor who is well versed in the sport can gain an advantage over the betting site and knowledge of the sport can be an invaluable aid when setting up and analyzing bets. The different characteristics of the players play an important role, as do many other factors. For example, look at these different points:

The profile of the competitor, ie the type of competitor in question. Is it a fast-paced contestant running out from underneath, or is it a tough-bomber bomber? And how does it fit right against the boxer in this match? Are there weak points in the defense, how does the footwork compare to the opponent? Is there a tendency to fall asleep after the middle of the match? All of these make an impact.

Physical shape? Nowadays, with all the social media channels available, it’s easy to get material that reveals the boxer’s current condition. Has the beer tasted or been taken anyway but I found it on my wrists? Did you want to come from the sparrow to your head? These are all worth considering.

Where is the match played? Does either player have home advantage? Of course, your own home crowd can give a boost to the match itself for every boxer, for some it can bring extra pressure. What about these contestants?

Do you have special skills? Whether a contestant is known from a series of bombs that comes at a point in a match by force, Does the contestant traditionally tire the other contestant in the corner and only seek clean hits or aim for a knockout during the first three rounds. Big things in every match.

Too big a favorite? Has the item been played for low odds right from the start, i.e. has it gone with the masses now? Too low odds raise the underdog odds and often the best target for gaming is on the underdog side.

Some betting companies occasionally offer free boxing live streaming for some matches. For the most part, free boxing can be watched on the channels of Youtube or, for example, YLE, from major international amateur events. The prevailing trend is that the biggest professional tournaments are behind the paywall and e.g. V Sport and Viaplay show these matches to their subscribers. The biggest matches can be PPV or Pay Per View, the fee for one match can be up to €49.95.

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