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Most betting companies offer a bonus for betting when you create a new account. This is both to compete with other gaming companies with a better bonus, but also to give you the chance to try out their product. Then it is, of course, an opportunity for you to win some extra money. With the introduction of a licensing system, the opportunity for gaming companies to distribute bonuses to existing customers disappeared. A bonus is now only available when you create your account. But odds bonuses can be difficult to understand, and some come with impossible wagering requirements, while others are much easier to wager. Our hope is that this text will straighten out all the question marks. Join in and become an expert on the market’s best odds bonuses, you too!

What Is an Odds Bonus?
An odds bonus, also called a betting bonus, is an extra boost to your gambling, where the betting company adds something extra to give you a good start. Of course, it is also about you choosing their particular gaming company, getting to know the product and continuing to play there.

A betting bonus can look in several different ways. The most common variant is a match of your first deposit. So deposit 100 kronor, get 100 kronor in bonus. Another variant, and the second most common, is free games. Normally, this is also a match of your first deposit, but a clearly smaller amount than an odds bonus with wagering requirements. Then there are other types of bonuses, which include risk-free games, game credits and increased odds.

Odds Bonus with Bonus Code
In the past, it was extremely common for gaming companies to use so-called bonus codes. When you would pick up an odds bonus, you had to enter a bonus code to access your odds bonus. Nowadays it is all the rarer, but it still occurs. There you can then easily find the current bonus code if the gaming company still uses it.

Welcome Bonus & Deposit Bonus

Percentage match of your first deposit: The most common form of odds bonus is one percent on your first deposit, normally 100%. This means that if you deposit 100 kronor, you get 100 kronor in a bonus. But in addition to this, the gaming companies differ quite a lot when it comes to other conditions. Sometimes there is a wagering requirement on odds bonus, sometimes on both your deposit and bonus. In most cases, however, you play for your real money first. Then you play for the bonus when your regular money is gone or locked in active games. Therefore, there is often an advantage with betting companies that offer an odds bonus where you meet the wagering requirement for both deposit and bonus.

Bonus 8x: In this case, you also need to play through kronor 800 to wager the bonus. However, you can only use the bonus to wager it, not your real money. So the first 100 kroner you play with does not count towards the wagering requirement. If you win with that money and keep playing with it, it does not count towards the wagering requirement either, because they are still real money. If you manage to place bets of kronor 800 or more, using only the bonus, then the money you have in the account is then real money that you can withdraw.

Minimum odds: An important part of the wagering requirement is the minimum odds. It shows the lowest odds possible for the game to be counted against the wagering requirement. The reason for this is that you can otherwise wager your bonus at 1.01 in odds. So then in practice, it will be free money that the gaming company distributes to you. That’s not the point of a bonus. Normally, the minimum odds are between 1.50 and 2.00.

Period of validity: In almost all cases, there is a validity period within which the bonus expires if the wagering requirement is not met. It varies greatly and it is always good to check it out before you decide to take advantage of the gaming company’s bonus.

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