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Every spring, the fans of the national team fill the sports bars, but during the rest of the year, they follow our progress in various club championships. The most knowledgeable hockey fans can test their hockey prediction abilities, but which are the best hockey betting sites? Nowadays, sports betting players do not lack choices the offer is really wide. We hope this review will help you understand where and how to bet on hockey.

How to bet on hockey and what bets are available?
The best hockey betting sites offer a wide range of bets. It’s so thorough that more inexperienced players can get lost in it, so we’ll explain the basics below.

  • The match time in regular time allows you to choose between three results: team A wins, team B wins, or the result is a draw at the end of regular time. If you bet on Team A and that team wins the post-match roll, your bet is lost because you only predict the result in regular time by placing that bet.
  • The match bet, including overtime and post-match throws, allows you to choose between two options: team A wins or team B wins. This bet is safer than the regular time match bet but has lower odds, so it offers a lower payout.
  • Double the capacity is an even safer bet, allowing you to choose between two of the three possible outcomes. You can choose, for example, to put your money on one of the teams to win in regular time. In that case, you will only lose if the regular time ends in a draw. This bet has an even lower odds than the bet including overtime and free throws.
  • The Over / Under bet allows you to predict the total number of goals scored by both teams. For example, if you place a bet on more than 2.5 – it means that you will win if both teams score at least 3 goals. Since hockey is not the most productive game, the odds get higher as soon as you predict a higher number of goals scored.
  • A handicap is a great way to adjust the odds for more accurate predictions. As a result, the odds offered by bookmakers on victory are negligible. The handicap bet offers you to make the match more exciting by predicting how big a goal will beat.

Live betting and live sports:

Live rates have several benefits. First of all, they offer you the opportunity to participate in the betting game even if you miss the start whistle. Secondly, as the result changes, so do the odds. A sporting event where everything was clear just a moment ago can change quickly and create the perfect environment for a winning bet.

All the best hockey betting sites offer live betting. In addition, to live to bet, fans can also follow the progress of the match with live schedules that show all the most important information: number of shots, puck control team, rejection minutes, individual player statistics and of course, the result of the match and the remaining time. If you can’t find a live video for the match you’re interested in, these schedules aren’t a bad alternative. They can also be turned on when watching a match on TV, as it is very convenient to see all the important information in one place.

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