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It is not for nothing that football is called the king of world sports. Despite the fact that the development of football is stagnating in our country, not to mention that it is moving in an undesirable direction, football also gathers some of the largest crowds of fans. Despite the fact that our national football team does not play in the strongest tournaments and the local club championship is also rather weak, thousands of football fans are following the events in the top leagues of this sport. This is also reflected in the world of sports betting.

It is football fans who are offered the widest range of betting options. Partly due to the fact that football is played in every corner of the world, so there are simply the most matches to bet on. It is mainly due to the fact that there are a lot of football fans and they like to place bets on footballs, but which site is the most suitable for it?

What are the most popular football bets?
You may be a very knowledgeable football fan who knows the core players of all the leading football clubs by heart and is well versed in the silence of this sport, but can this knowledge be easily translated into success in sports betting? Not for sure. The sports betting game has its own tweaks, which you must learn before you can stand out with accurate predictions on a regular basis. You need to develop your own odds betting strategy that will allow you to see the mistakes made by bookmakers when compiling match odds.

One of the first steps is to raise awareness of the bets offered by bookmakers. You do not want to limit your predictive power and always choose only the match-winning bet. To help you find your way around the wide range of bets, we’ve put together an easy-to-read overview of the most popular football bets.

Match bet – the most popular and easiest football bet. The player has to choose between three options: the home team wins, the away team wins or the match ends in a draw. A bet without a tie is similar to a match bet but does not offer the possibility to predict a tie. The odds for this bet are slightly lower than for a regular match bet.

Double Chance – This is the safest bet we’ve seen so far, as a player can predict two of the three possible outcomes seen in a match bet. For example, the home team wins or the match ends in a draw.

More / Less Goals – This bet, instead of predicting the outcome of a match, is useful for players who want to bet on the match. For example, if you think there will be at least one goal in the game, you can bet More than 0.5.

Handicap – Betting is a great option when you are not only sure that a team will win, but you think it will be a goal difference. This is a great way to adjust the odds offered by the bookmaker to make more accurate bets. By giving a handicap to the weakest team, you can make the odds more similar.

Half time – Will two teams meet on the court, one of which is better physically trained and will most likely retain more strength until the end of the match? Maybe it’s worth betting that the club in the best shape will win in the second half? The half-time betting strategy requires a much more detailed understanding of the way the two teams play.

The first goal – the bet will be useful if you are sure that one of the teams will try to push your offensive-style football from the first minute and the first will pass the ball to the opponent’s defender. A first goal strategy is a great option for players who are familiar with the way each club plays.

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