Our expert developers offer daily betting tips on a number of different leagues with the greatest focus on the SHL, NHL, KHL, CHL and the major events such as the World Cup, World Cup and Olympics. You can be sure that it is of high quality and that our experts have made a thorough and thorough analysis. We have been nominated five times as one of the world’s best gaming information sites for sports betting at the gaming industry’s own Oscars EGA Operator Awards, which is proof that we maintain the quality we strive for. If you want to publish your own game tips on hockey, you have the opportunity to do so under Readers’ game tips. Everyone is welcome to contribute their knowledge and thoughts.

Free game tips for ice hockey and SHL

One of the great advantages is that all material and all analyzes on the site are completely free and free of charge. We are not a payment service where you have to pay dearly for the latest information. All readers receive the same information and it is then up to the reader to do what they want with the info. If you want to back up or stand over. One thing we can guarantee. Our hockey experts put in a lot of work and perform a thorough analysis for each record that is published.

Oddset Powerplay or just Powerplay as it is usually called is a pool game on hockey games. Pool play means that the players bet against each other and not against the betting site. It includes eight ice hockey matches where it is a matter of tipping a home win, a draw or an away win in all these matches. Simply a 1, X or 2 with classic singles, half fences or full fences. Sometimes head to head, H2H, is also included between two different players and their achievements. We offer free Powerplay tips several times a week.

Live odds when the matches are played

Perhaps the most popular way to play ice hockey today is live games, where you play live while the match is in progress. The odds change all the time according to what happens on the ice. Today, there are lots of statistics and other services that make it possible to follow and bet on matches without having to watch the matches live on TV. The best betting sites offer many services such as Match Live where you get all the info and live statistics that allow you to place your bets no matter where you are and even if you can not watch the match on TV.

Best bonuses for hockey betting

We are proud to offer our readers exclusive and unique bonuses for betting. We cooperate with the largest, best and most serious betting sites with a license. If you like betting and hockey and want to find a good bonus, you have really ended up in the right place. We have the best offers including free games, odds boosts and various hockey campaigns for large and important events. Increase your chances of winning by visiting our popular bonus guide before backing up one of our betting tips.

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