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The popularity of basketball is growing every year. Just five years ago, basketball played the second or third violin on the sports scene, giving way to hockey and football. Today it is a long time ago because our basketball team is probably the strongest compared to other teams in the most popular sports. Several of us play in the world’s strongest NBA league, which is why more and more following basketball and looking for the best basketball betting sites to give them a pinch of excitement. We have looked at sports betting sites, trying to find out which is the best basketball sports betting.

How to bet on basketball and what are the types of bets?

Have you ever bet on a game of basketball online? In that case, you will probably be surprised to see the wide range of rates offered. To help you navigate it, we’ve compiled a review of the most popular rates.

Winner including overtime – Basketball is a dynamic game where the result can change several times every minute, so regular time bets are not so popular. All rates in this section apply to regular time and overtime. When predicting the winner of a match, including overtime, you place a bet on which team will win the game.

Points Bets – Points bets are popular because, instead of predicting which team will win, it allows you to predict the progress of the game more accurately, whether both teams together will be able to exceed a certain number of points. If two defensive-style teams meet, predict a lower point limit, but if the forces are playing offensive basketball teams, a higher one.

Handicaps – If you are sure that one of the teams will win convincingly, you can place a handicap bet to more accurately predict the outcome of the match, thus increasing your odds and fighting for a bigger win. True, be careful! In basketball, the result can change very quickly and the team often puts reserves on the field if they have a huge advantage at the start of the fourth quarter. If this happens, the point difference can shrink rapidly.

Player Bets – When watching foreign leagues, we often follow a particular player rather than the team as a whole. Therefore, player bets offer an interesting opportunity to predict a player’s individual performance. Do you think that the opposing team does not have any players that could successfully cover Kristaps Porzingis? Maybe it’s a good opportunity to bet predicting he’ll score more than 25 points?

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