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Basketball is an extremely popular sport in the world, with millions of people watching matches from various leagues and tournaments every week. As a result, bookmakers also offer plenty of betting types and markets, in which everyone can find the most promising events and markets. The most popular type of betting is the so-called A spread type bet where we have to hit not only which team wins the match, but also how many points.

How to bet on basketball?

As with almost all bets, it can be said in the case of the basketball sport that before we start, it is worth mapping out the given league, the teams, as even the simplest statistical indicator can help a lot to avoid losing. Keep in mind that in the case of the NBA, if we don’t take into account, say, the results of the last 10 matches, but let’s just bet on intuition or the previous match, we could easily ignore a shockingly good home win series. So let’s say we’re already aware of the basics, then it comes down to trying to choose what type of bet we have, based on what basketball betting strategy we’re trying to play. For someone, live betting comes in best, but there are those who can browse the statistics to determine roughly what the difference will be between the teams towards the end of the match.

What are the main types of basketball betting?

By the way, the simplest form of betting is to simply guess who wins the match – keep in mind that, unlike football, the draw is an uncommon outcome in basketball, so it doesn’t pay much. One of the special shoulder types of outcome betting (by the way, perhaps the most popular form of betting) is when we guess not only the winner, but also how much the particular team will win.

Of course, basketball handicap betting is also available in this sport, there are several variations of this, for example when we only have three options (six advantages for one or the other team or whatever), but the handicap can go up to 12 variations.

By the way, basketball score betting is also present, and it is quite popular, here we can bet on the points of the given team, the total score, or even the quarterly points or we can even try to tell who will get the twenty points first.

And then we haven’t talked about betting opportunities that focus less on the match, more on players, when we can try to bet on a player’s number of points, balls sold, steals, sacks, or whether to reach a double-double or triple-double in a match. We can also focus on teams, as it is not at all necessary to say which team wins, it is enough to guess how many points a selected team throws around, how many throws it has, or even an even-odd number of points in the end.

And of course, you can bet in the long run, especially in the NBA, this form of betting is popular when we tell you at the beginning or even in the middle of the season which team will be the ultimate winner. It’s a slightly more sophisticated shoulder to do when we’re guessing whether a particular team will get to at least the playoffs, say.

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