A physically active body is the opposite, its physiognomy changes, it appears more upright, with a more vital body language. And most importantly, it can help drag the mind into a less despondent emotional state. If we manage to face the first moments of physical activity and overcome the fatigue and initial effort, we will quickly acquire a perception of achievement that will counteract our depressed state. Without a doubt, we will have more motivation and confidence to face new achievements and to bring our mind and emotions to a more encouraging state.

Don’t make excuses for what adds up and get going

The question is not whether physical exercise can replace a psychological treatment for depression. Undoubtedly not, and above all, it is not one versus the other. The correct question would be, can physical exercise help me to advance more quickly in my psychological treatment, to improve my depression and above all, what can you lose. What inconveniences are you going to encounter for playing sports at this difficult time in your life.

Running, doing yoga, walking, cycling… All of these activities have ideal characteristics to improve your mood. Simple, accessible, effective. Don’t let the excuses win… Try it! When you begin.

Make changes outside to achieve changes inside

This is one of the relevant aspects in this topic of exercise for depression. Something that is often said in the treatment of depression is that depressed people wait for a change within, so that they can then make changes outside. Psychologists, however, insist on the importance of seeking a change in the opposite direction, again counterintuitive: from outside to inside. I notice how enormous fatigue invades me. I think about going to run an errand, at least buy bread, but i don’t feel capable and once again my body stays on the couch. Until i start to feel like i have some strength, i won’t be able to go back to doing things i did before.

You seem to think that you need to feel something different, in order to do something different. What could we try to get you back to doing things despite feeling that fatigue. Maybe some moderate sport that we start from scratch. Don’t delay it, think about what you can do this afternoon, despite feeling that fatigue.

Be skilled at socializing: look for a good partner to share the activity with

Without a doubt, an important benefit of sports activities has to do with social experiences, relationships with training partners, hobbies, effort, self-improvement… And this is also a benefit of exercise for depression. For a depressed person, carrying out an activity that involves interacting with other people, when the tendency is to isolate oneself so that no one sees us in that state, is not an easy task; however it is possible. We can find suitable people or activities, in fact there are sports practices where the interactions are not so constant, for example running, or hiking.

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