About Sports Betting
About Sports Betting

The sports betting industry has always been very attractive for all kinds of scams. And the lack of deception by both bookmakers and the players. Technological advances have not only simplified ways to bet, but added headaches to bookmakers, as there are many new ways to cheat, using the achievements of science and technology. Particularly noteworthy are techniques that do not violate the letter of the law. One of them is the technique of “Paris in the game”.

Among suffering football fans in the stands of the Premier League games sat some Kevin Young and Zhu Xi, who diligently wrote or called gambling syndicates to their homeland. Their tiny informational advantage was critical to their bosses in China the largest gaming market in the world. The players in China can have time to put large sums of money they have already known the results before the bookmakers stop taking bets.

He sent home 45,000 pounds to his parents and lied to them that works as a football commentator. Bank records showed that the accounts of two swindlers passed 233,000 pounds, which is much greater than the declared income of 17,000 pounds. When the Cubs could not become as diligent as Young, he was immediately fired and put him threatening messages in Chinese on the website.

Tech “bet in the game” first arose in cricket. A player who did not want to disclose his name said: “To earn the”bet in the game“, the bookmaker is required to obtain information about the development of the game as quickly as possible, and therefore it will be the people in the game or watching the game on TV, whose work will be to supply him with this information.

As soon as an event occurs for example, someone scores the first goal the bookmaker is informed about it and stops accepting bets on this event until it is decided whether it is possible again to put on this event (for example, if a bet on the first goal in the period, it can be opened again in the next period).

The main danger of this technique is that it gives a sense of intellectual superiority to fraudsters that are able to suppress any remorse. And the scammer does not think that his game can cost someone a broken life. But if someone will be able to transfer the information from the game gambling crime syndicate before the bookie will receive their data, they can beat the bookmaker.

Thus, if I attend the game and keep a ready mobile phone, I can have time to send a message, then the question arises whose technical support is better punter or the bookmaker? Even the advantage of just a few seconds can work. Many fans in the UK do not realize that they violate the terms on which got tickets for the game, passing information about the British matches.

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