The ballot is out: Who should get into the Boxing Hall of Fame in 2020?

The ballot for the International Boxing Hall of Fame 2020 election cycle was released on Tuesday and it is absolutely loaded in the modern fighter category, namely because the rules were modified in July.

The waiting period was reduced from five years in retirement to three years. As a result, instead of the usual three annual additions — taking the place of the three boxers elected the previous year — the new ballot has 12 new names to go with the 29 holdovers from last year. It doesn’t just include fighters whose last bout was in 2014, but also those whose careers ended in 2015 and 2016, meaning a slew of great names for the new ballot.

Dan Rafael and Steve Kim serve up their reaction to the new ballot:

What’s good about the new system?

Rafael: This year in particular it means an influx of outstanding names on the ballot because of the changes. It means three years worth of fighters were added to the ballot as well as some who had been left off even though they have been eligible for quite some time. It also means there are numerous deserving fighters that should be elected, even though only three will be voted in (unless more than three get 80 percent of the vote).

Kim: This is really is interesting, given that most major sports have a five-year waiting period. I wonder if this rule has been changed in part to entice recently retired boxers to stay retired. The change also allows fighters with distinguished careers to get their just due for their accomplishments quicker and not become forgotten. This game has a way of moving on and the spotlight can fade so fast — even for those who are legends. Why not let them be immortalized a couple of years earlier?

What’s bad about the new system

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